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WriteHand Designs is a creative force that spans various creative disciplines, including IllustrationUrban Art and Digital Graphics. It was founded by myself, Ezra, and I’ve been producing such art for over 10 years.

I began as someone who could always be found drawing as a child. Back then, it was about copying animation and comic characters, which gave me a great foundation in terms of not only seeing, but knowing why certain character designs worked.

I then became fascinated by Urban Art, an explosive world of line, shapes and colour that threw away many of the creative laws I’d been brought up with, but at the same time, offered up it’s own design lexicon. Plus, once I understood it, I saw that I could introduce illustrative ingredients that I’d grown up with. That not only added another dimension to my spray-painting, but to my more traditional illustration as well. It was like the 2 disciplines were communicating with and educating — ‘feeding’ one another.

If fusing the aforementioned styles seemed like an adventure, adopting the world of pixels and the virtual canvas took my art to another level entirely. Beginning with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign was like learning another language, a language that I soon grew to love, just as eagerly and intensely as my previous art disciplines. Especially when I learnt other creative 3D software, then the prospect of combining them and letting them influence each other in a natural and organic way began to take place.

Now, I also write, with my ideas turning into stories. So, it’s like my design world has become like a creative tree that keeps offering an array of various fruit.
With this, the future of WriteHand Designs looks like the birth of a star. A star with many colours, shapes, and textures.

To see how we can best service your creative and design needs, contact us now using the form below. After all, it’s just a conversation.

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