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At Firefly Hub we host regular meetings for our trusted partners within Barnet. Our local networking group only accepts one profession or trade from each industry which means there is no competition within the group! This strategy maximises the number of referrals that are given to each business.

Our North London networking group is dedicated to supporting the success of our partners. We do this by providing a range of discounted business support services including SEO, Web Design, Social Media Management and Business Growth Strategies. By taking advantage of these services, our partners save time and money, improve their operations, and increase their revenue. By providing these valuable resources, we help our partners achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

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How can we help you?

As well as our proven business referral system, we have a versatile team who understand the challenges small businesses face. We make our packages as flexible as possible to suit your business needs. From SEO to design, business systems or social media management, our packages are tailored to what your business needs at that point in time. Our team are dedicated to serving you and we take great satisfaction in contributing to the growth and success of your business. This paired with networking is the ultimate combination,  but don’t just take our word on it, have a read of what Richard Branson has to say on networking.

A message from the founder –How Firefly Hub came about

I was helping my partner get his business on track after his relocation to London. We needed website assistance, SEO, designers and print along with other services. I stressed the urgency to get things moving to the businesses we approached but found we were constantly let down or experienced long periods of silence. This paired with horror stories shared at mum and baby group proved there was a demand for good, reliable trade and service providers. Voila – Firefly Hub was formed. From this our mission was formed

Mission – To represent a trusted network that generates business while providing excellent customer service every time!

I hope you find all the help you need with us at Firefly Hub, we are here to assist you with your business and get you more work. Whether you’re a customer or a partner it’s our mission to uphold our high expectations and ensure excellent service every time. 

Our Team

MEet my team

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