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Welcome to Firefly Hub, where we are passionately dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a special focus on supporting women and moms in business. At Firefly Hub, we believe in breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for every entrepreneur to thrive.

Our primary mission is to generate invaluable leads and foster the prosperity of businesses within our network. We understand the unique challenges faced by women and moms in business, and we actively work towards removing those barriers. By doing so, we create an inclusive environment that enables everyone to participate fully in our network.

We take pride in going the extra mile for our members. Beyond lead generation, we skilfully facilitate introductions to businesses that complement yours and connect you with projects advertised in our network. This strategic approach significantly expands your reach, presenting your services to a diverse customer audience of up to 60,000.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at lead generation. We are here to assist you in establishing a formidable online presence and provide key business tools and knowledge that you can apply to your business. Our networking opportunities are designed for both in-person and online interactions, ensuring you have the flexibility to connect in a way that suits your schedule.

At Firefly Hub, we focus on forging meaningful connections with businesses that align seamlessly with the services you provide. This, coupled with our comprehensive marketing package, ensures that your business not only survives but thrives in every way imaginable. We are not just a network; we are a community that ensures the success of every business within our network.

Join Firefly Hub today and experience the difference; breaking down barriers and illuminating the path to growth. Firefly Hub: Where Businesses Succeed.

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Are you a mum in London?

We have four thriving ‘Mum Network’ communities that cover North, East, South and West London. Our groups aim to bring support, discounts, tips to our mums and provide access to our trusted network, these are local businesses to you who provide an unparalleled service every time. You will get a reasonably priced, quality services while supporting the environment by using local businesses! We have your back – all our trusted partners have secured their place with us based on the quality service.

North London

East London

South London

West London

Are you a female entrepreneur?

We run a fully funded course for women or mums in business.  The course runs for six weeks and the local women meet weekly in West Hendon in Barnet. The sessions run from 630-8pm.

Some of you may know that last year we ran a FULLY FUNDED BUSINESS COURSE for WOMEN IN BUSINESS. Guess what – it was a hit and we have just secured funding to run another course in 2024!!! Again, the new course is fully funded and has new and exciting content to help our female entrepreneurs. Attendees will develop skills, network as business owners and receive leads and tools to help scale up their business, would you like to join us?  The course us set to start on 25th of January✨ Sign up here.

If you didn’t make the first programme, don’t worry the course will be easy to follow and we will get you up to speed!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join like-minded ladies and work a business idea, develop your business or scale it up with Firefly Hub in 2024‼️

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