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VOYO Massage

Therapeutic Massage Available in Bromley, SE, London and Surrounding Areas

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In August 2009, middle of a recession. I was the manager of a busy high street retail outlet. Stress levels were high, and the pressure was building. Without realising it, I was starting to under-perform and had become unapproachable and even rude and I had lost my passion for my job.

In a chance encounter, I was given the advice that if I continued along the same track it would lead towards high blood pressure and maybe even a heart attack. Not something I wanted or needed at the age of 43.

Through receiving regular massage sessions, my stress levels dropped, and performance improved. I returned to being more ‘human’. I had learnt first-hand the amazing benefits of regular massage treatments and I resolved to make some major changes in my working and home life. I decided to leave the retail industry behind and focus on wellness.

After operating as a sole trader for a couple of years I went on to form City Massage & Well-being Ltd. Originally based in central London, I now work from a clinic in Bromley South.

Fast forward 14 years and I am now trained in a broad range of therapies and helping even more clients in Bromley, SE & Central London.

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