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The FD Studio

Adding financial vision to creative ideas to build stronger businesses

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The FD Studio was established from insights I have gained from more than 40 years’ experience working as an accountant and FD, predominantly within this sector.

I found that my clients were brilliant in bringing their ideas to life, but weak in systemising their businesses. Any systems in place were often within the areas of operations and marketing. Finance – the lifeblood of any business – was frequently neglected.Internal staff were able to handle the mechanics of invoicing, ordering and payments, even debt collection, but were unable to interpret the numbers.

This left management lacking the vital information needed to make key decisions which would grow the business.The FD Studio has been created to help fill that gap.

We provide directors with a clear understanding of your finances. We will interpret your management accounts, engage with your board, help set targets and monitor the outcomes.

Our clients are committed to growing their businesses to increase profits, secure a lifestyle and build savings and investments for the future. Through three recessions, I have helped business owners protect, grow, sell and exit their businesses.

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