Our Easy To Advertise Process

  1. Read our terms below.
  2. Make payment for the advertising option you wish to purchase via the relevant payment link.
  3. Individual posts will be accepted until the end of January and then all posts may be collated under the Saturday business post and magnificent Mum Monday post were appropriate. (applicable to those offering a discount exclusive to Mums Network)
  4. Email emma@fireflyhub.uk with your 1. Facebook name (the one you will be using to make the post) 2. PayPal Transaction ID, Your business service and if possible the image. This is to ensure no posts are missed.
Thank you for choosing to advertise with Mums Network and we’re delighted to get your business services out to mums across London!

Terms and Conditions for Advertising in The Mums Network Facebook Group

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are applicable to advertisers seeking to promote their businesses through advertising in The Mums Network Facebook groups, owned by Firefly Hub Ltd. By engaging in advertising with Firefly Hub Ltd, you agree to adhere to the following terms:
Payment and Posting Frequency:
  • Advertisers are required to make a payment of £35 for one post per week, with a maximum of four posts allowed in a calendar month.
  • Special Offer: Advertisers purchasing advertising in advance for 10 consecutive months will receive an additional 2 months of advertising at no extra cost.
  • Additional to this this service Firefly Hub Ltd have a further 3 Facebook groups operating in East, South and West Londonwith an audience of 3600 members. If your business is online and you wish to advertise your products/ services to clock up sales to these group this will be an additional £45 for one post per week in each group, with a maximum of four posts allowed in a calendar month.
No Publicising of Other Groups:
  • Advertisers are strictly prohibited from publicising or promoting other Facebook groups/ or other groups within their advertisements.
Refund Policy:
  • All payments for advertising are non-refundable. Once payment is made, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.
Content Approval:
  • Advertisements deemed inappropriate by the admin will not be accepted for posting in The Mums Network Facebook group. If businesses wish to promote via video please speak to the admin regarding Mums Network TV.
Content Guidelines:
  • Business listings may include website links, images, and written explanations. However, video content will not be accepted.
Approval Process:
  • Advertisements will only be approved/actioned upon receipt of payment. No exceptions will be made.
  • The admin reserves the right to choose the specific day for posting advertisements to prevent the group from being overwhelmed with adverts. Advertisers must acknowledge and respect this scheduling.
Responsibility for Posting:
  • Advertisers are solely responsible for posting their own advertisements on the agreed-upon week.
  • No refunds will be issued for delayed posts. Admins may, at their discretion, post advertisements on alternative weeks where possible.
  • A week will run from Sunday – Saturday.
Liability and Negative Publicity:
  • Firefly Hub Ltd and The Mums Network Facebook group administrators are not responsible or liable for any negative publicity or consequences resulting from the content of the advertisements.

By engaging in advertising with Firefly Hub Ltd in The Mums Network Facebook group, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions. Firefly Hub Ltd reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, and any such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting in the group. It is the advertiser’s responsibility to regularly review these terms for updates.

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